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Sleeping In On Off Days

The first thing we want to do on our off days is to sleep in and get more rest. The same goes for me, those are the days when I can get my full needed 9 hours of sleep. However, sleeping in has it's limits. When overdone, there are negative impacts.

Feel more tired

We think that sleeping in makes us feel more rested but it can also make us feel more tired if we go over the limit. Sleeping more than needed leads to oversleeping which confuses the body cycle. In effect, it creates a sluggish and more tired feeling.

Irregular sleep schedule

When sleeping in becomes oversleeping, sleep schedule becomes irregular due to differences in not only the timing we get up, but also the time we fall asleep later at night. Since we got up later, the feeling of tiredness at night will only begin at a later hour than before.

Disrupts circadian rhythm

The reason we only start feeling tired later is because the body's circadian rhythm is disrupted. The internal sleep timer which is what gives the tired feeling at night is affected, to only come at a later hour and we end up falling asleep later into the night.

Sleep deprivation

A disrupted circadian rhythm leads to sleep deprivation, because of not feeling tired at night but still having to get up early the next morning. It results in a lack of sleep, due to not getting the needed hours of sleep.

Impact health

Lack of sleep impacts both physical and emotional health. Immune system function is reduced and those with insomnia can experience worsen condition. The sluggish feeling and lack of energy can affect mood.

So how can we spend those off days getting more rest?

Take a power nap in the afternoon

Instead of sleeping in, take a power nap in the afternoon when the sleepiness starts to kick in. Be cautious to limit it to only a power nap. Sleeping too much in the afternoon can also lead to oversleeping and disrupt the circadian rhythm.

Sleep earlier

Go to bed earlier the night before instead of sleeping more in the morning. Sleeping earlier does not only provide more rest, it is also a chance to train the body and probably start going to bed earlier.

Healthy lifestyle

Sleeping is not the only form of rest. Having a healthier lifestyle by getting adequate hydration, eating nutritiously and exercising are also ways to recover.

So those are some reasons why sleeping in can have negative impacts when overdone and ways on how to get more rest. I know it is very difficult to go to bed and wake up at the same time every single day. I do not have that high level of discipline, amongst the many life happenings and commitments, but I try to vary my sleep schedule to not more than a couple hours.

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