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Day In My Life As A Gig Worker

Since starting my slow living lifestyle, I have been working flexi jobs. As most of the locations are an hour journey from where I live and with the low hourly pay, I usually choose full day gigs to make my transport costs worth. So here's how my day goes when I have a gig and also how flexi jobs tie in with a slow living lifestyle.


After washing up and getting ready, I'll have breakfast. My usual breakfast is a Sunshine Pocketto sandwich and coffee. I specifically only eat Sunshine Poketto sandwich because I can eat it quickly, despite having poor appetite in the morning and with the time constraint.

Commute to work

I take the public transport to work, which usually involves multiple transfers between buses and trains, that's why it is an hour journey.

Lunch at work

I'll be at work for the rest of the day till evening and my lunch break is usually one hour. Since the food places are mostly quite a distance from the workplace and with the physical nature of the jobs, I usually try to conserve my energy during lunch by staying in at the workplace.

So my lunch with be another Sunshine bread that I brought but a different type. This bread is thicker and bigger to keep me full till the end of work.


By the time work ends, I'm usually famished since all I had eaten were bread. This is when I will walk the distance to explore the food places, as I can start my commute home from there instead of having to walk back to the workplace.

Commute home

One hour journey to work means another hour journey home. Sometimes I'll take a longer journey by bus to reduce transfers and there is a higher chance of having a seat compared to trains. By taking my time to get home and getting a seat to relax, I am practicing slow living.


I suppose this requires no explanation after a long day out. Hygiene is very important and showering helps reduce tiredness since I'm usually very tired when I reach home.


Being a huge part of my life and my ultimate hobby, I will definitely make time for gaming. Even on my most tired and hectic day, I try to log into at least one game.

Check planner

By this time, it is almost bedtime but before that, I'll check and update my planner. Sometimes I do it the next day if I'm exhausted and can't keep my eyes open anymore.

Brush teeth and skincare

I can leave my planner to the next morning, but I must brush my teeth. As for skincare, I'll skip it if I'm exhausted.

So that is how my day goes when I get accepted on a flexi job and have to be out for work, but how does it benefit my slow living lifestyle?

Not bringing work home

Since the gigs are one off and needs to be reapplied for another slot, the work ends as stipulated when I applied for the slot. All unfinished work will be continued by whoever gets the gig the next day. There is no pressure of having to continue working at home or thinking about the never ending work piling at the workplace.

Sometimes conflicts may arise at work but it also ends and gets forgotten once I'm done for the day. If I don't go back for another gig, I will never see that person ever again. Even if I do go back, the chances of seeing that person is low, since there are several people vying for the slot.

Time after work is all mine

Since no work is brought home, the time after work is all mine, I get to slowly go for dinner and make my commute home. That is why I go out and explore the food places only after work. Since I seldom visit those areas, it is also a chance to explore new places.

As mentioned, sometimes I take a longer route home by bus for a higher chance to get a seat. With a whirlpool of time, I can relax on the bus ride although it's a longer journey.

So that is how flexi jobs benefit my slow living lifestyle while also being able to bring in some income, because as much as I try to reduce my expenses, there are still bills that cannot be compromised. There is also the flexibility of working more or less, depending on how I choose to spend my money.

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