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What Is Slow Living

Before I started living a slower paced and intentional lifestyle, I was constantly feeling burnt out. I also saw the people around me pressured with their hectic lifestyle. After more than a year, I'm still seeing people stressed and burnt out. I know it's inevitable for many, because life sure is problematic.

I am fortunate to live a slower paced and intentional lifestyle but slow living is also possible with a busy lifestyle. Although there is the word "slow", it is not about moving and doing things slowly. The main aspect of slow living is being conscious towards all aspects of everyday life, to live more mindfully and balanced.

Slow living is embracing a sustainable lifestyle

Many of us want to become millionaires, so we work long hours everyday to climb the ladder and earn as much as possible. I used to have that thought too. After starting slow living and working only flexi jobs, I realised that as long as I have sufficient amount for my daily spending and some emergency savings, I don't need to work so much or try to become a millionaire.

Slow living is going at the right speed

As mentioned, slow living isn't really about being slow. It is going at the right speed. When we are busy, we have the tendency to be efficient by rushing or completing tasks quickly, and that's when we build pressure upon ourselves.

Slow living is creating time for self care

Self care can sometimes be misunderstood as wasting time and money. However, it isn't just about shopping, beauty or eating at a fancy restaurant. Self care also includes taking care of our basic well being by eating healthily and getting adequate rest, which we tend to neglect when we are overwhelmed by life's many demands.

Slow living is being conscious of what is important

Life consist of so many different aspects, so there will be never ending things to be done. Make a daily priority list, focusing only on those that needs immediate attention and take all the time with the others.

Slow living is being disciplined

Even with daily priorities set, we also need to be disciplined, by not procrastinating and using our time effectively. The extra time from not procrastinating can be used to maintain a balanced lifestyle by creating time for self care as mentioned above.

So that explains slow living. As all areas of our lives are interrelated, neglecting even one aspect can have a negative impact, physically, mentally or both. Therefore, to live a balanced lifestyle, we need to be mindful and intentional with what goes on in our daily life.

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